Best Democrat Candidate?

Who is the Best Democrat Candidate, and why they should run as an independent if they do not get nominated.
(By a guy who hates the mainstream media’s faked polls)

I’ve given a lot of support to the Republican candidate Ron Paul. I had to actually register as a republican to vote for him in the MD primary because thats where the real battle will be won or lost, basically I think that if Paul wins the nomination, he will win the presidency, which I also think no other person on the republican side can do. But getting back on track here, I hate the idea of party affiliations because I feel it’s stupid to vote for some one in your party out of some misguided loyalty. Republicans vote republican, democrats vote democrat, I’m not saying everyone does that, but a lot of people do and a two party system is what we currently have and are stuck with. So let’s ignore the important things like, you know, positions on the issues, Paul doesn’t come off as being a total douche-bag like other so called ‘front runners’. But hold on one second Skippy, just because we got one good person who could get our country back on track running on the republican side, lets take a look at the Democrat side of things, shall we?

Democratic Candidates: We all want fair and balanced right? Well I’ll have to be honest with you (very few) readers, I know very little about most of the democratic candidates because I’ve been following the other side of things much more closely, so I’m not going to cheat by looking up people on Google or Wiki and try to play it off like I know what the hell I’m talking about, I’ll just list them and tell you what I know, or think I know about them. Sound fair?

Stephen Colbert: Sorry, Steve, not this year, besides, I’d have to vote for you on the republican ticket I saw you on… wait a second … I know your game sir, you want the nomination on both sides, Colbert Vs. Colbert. Genius. Simply Genius.

Hillary Clinton: Wasn’t she president once before? … oh wait, that was he husband, my mistake. Kidding aside, I thought bill did a pretty good job in office but could she? She supports, or pretends to support universal healthcare which is an idea I like. We live in a time when no one should have to go without being able to get treatment just because they poorer than the next man. But sorry Hillary, You’ve been caught being dishonest on more than one occasion and I get the feeling that you wouldn’t end or prevent a spreading of this war just to maintain the status quo.

Mike Gravel: I haven’t heard much about him, if you don’t have a group of supporters to promote your ideas then what do you have? Sorry Mike.

John Edwards: I rooted for him and Kerry last time around. Sort of like I rooted for the democrats to win congress and hoped for some kind of change would happen, so much for that. Anyway, I don’t know why, but he reminds me of Al Gore. I think that in another time and place, when we didn’t have so much controversy revolving around the election that this guy could get a nomination and win. So, sorry John, it seems you are caught in a cross fire between the Mainstream media’s insistence of a Giuliani vs. Clinton and all hardcore supporters of lesser known candidates trying to prevent that from happening.

Chris Dodd: Sorry, Chris who?

Barack Obama: Darn you Mr Obama, for your first and last name was unrecognized by my spell checker. (kidd) I am very glad that there isn’t this huge issue with a black man running (and doing it well) for president. He has some pretty good ideas on getting the public more involved in how the government is run, for example letting people review and comment on bills online before they get approved. That would certainly improve things and I hope someone out there takes notice of those Ideas and actually runs with them. But to me, he seems too much like a politician. So again, sorry Barack, if I don’t know if you say things because you truly believe them or if you say things you think people want to hear. It’s one thing to be a politician but it’s something else to be seen as a politician.

Joe Biden: Why? From this limited exposure I seen of him, I ask myself why is he running? He’s saying exactly what everyone else is, except that he does not stand out from the crowd. I thought the idea was to run for president if you shared a different view than other people and hoped to garnish support for those views but I guess now it’s supposed to be that five clones stand up and we are supposed to pick the best dressed one? Sorry Joe, I guess you’re not looking to be president but maybe you’re shooting for a vice presidency? To serve the nominee sort of like that mini-me character from austin powers movies.

Bill Richardson: I listened to him one night on T.V. speaking to collage kids. Seems like a smart guy who know a thing or two. Made some good points on the benefits of line item veto powers and why he supports them but he, like so many others, seems to be interested in continued middle-east conflict. So, sorry Bill, I’ve had enough of the sandbox.

Dennis Kucinich: (Dramatization) “Mr. Kucinich, did you vote for the patriot act? … No? Did he just say No!? He did … he friggin’ said N! Do you believe that?! Why in god’s name not man, it has the word PATRIOT in it!” (End Dramatization) His reply: “Because I actually read it.” Thank you sir, thank you for doing the job we hired you for. Hmm. I might actually have to pull out my check list for this guy. Item One – does his current job well – Check. Item Two – believes in what he says – Check. Item Three – wants to end and prevent another middle east war. – Check. Item Four – discounted by the mainstream media but has a large, vocal, and growing following – CHECK. Wow.

Mr. Kucinich you clearly win out over the rest. With that said, if one of the douches from the republican side takes the nomination, I can all but guarantee that most of the paul supporters will start supporting you and I truly hope that the same goes for your first line supporters switching over to Paul’s camp in the event you do not get nominated. We do not live a fair world, the stinging cold truth is the powers that be have already chosen who they think should run against who and force feed that down the throats of american citizens. Those prophecies tend to be self-fulfilling. We are trying our damnedest to prevent that, but should it happen, what are we, as the supporters, supposed to do?

I need to ask … should you both lose the party nominations, would both of you see that we need to keep you running because hope elsewhere is dim? Would you consider running together as independents? A Paul / Kucinich or Kucinich / Paul independent run could not be ignored by the media. They would have to except that the Giuliani vs. Clinton would be a three sided race. Even then, they may not win, but the message will not die, and americans will wake up. Then perhaps four years later, someone else will step up to the plate. But, that is assuming the winner of this election does not lead us into total economic collapse and a third world war. Nobody would be left to vote…

For Peace …


… and hot wives with british accents.

– Kris



  1. Kris  November 24, 2007

    Nigmotron, eh I did say that i knew very little of the dem candidates and I wasnt going to cop out and go look up info. The point of it was this: Me, someone who wasn’t following the dem race at all, what his prospective was. Like Ron Paul, Kucinich was the only person I heard about that made me want to go out there and learn more about him.

  2. Shelley  December 3, 2007

    I am a Traumatic Brain Injury survivor. I am not able to leave home much, so all I can do is online to support Ron Paul. I wish I could do more, but I have a blog. I have never felt so strongly about a candidate since I became old enough to vote. I’m 40.

    Your post is incredibly written and I only hope there are enough Americans who feel this way too.

    I have been poor and struggling my whole life. I have had health care issues, IRS takes what they want no matter how it effects my life.

    We need an true American to lead America.

    Thanks you.

  3. Chelsea  January 10, 2008

    I definatly agree.
    if ron paul for some godawful reason didnt make it…Dennis Kucinich would get my vote!


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