are you Fat?

are you Fat?

I am a fat ass. what a way to start a blog post, eh? I am not so fat where I can’t leave the house or anything but I am a fat ass. my jeans are to tight. so tight infact i had to buy a few new pairs with a bigger waist size. my stomache shows when i wear t-shirts. my face looks fat too. FUCK THAT.
Fast Food, Pizza, Junk Food, Soda, BEER, Eating out at places with that damn good bread (olive garden, red lobster etc.) as well as overall lazyness are to blame for my condition.

I am not anti-chub or a chub basher. Some of my fat friends have yet to come out of the closet and tell thier parent’s they are fat. But I do have a few fat friends who are completely open and honest about thier fatness and am proud of them. I also suport Fat’s who want to marry other Fat’s

It’s hard to remember when it happened. One day I woke up and thought “my god….I’m fat” Some fat people clain your born this way and some, like me think it just happened overnight, for some, a personal choice, and then there are some who even swing both ways, trying to pretend they are both fat and thin.

well friends, it’s time for me to shed my fatness. I am sorry but I can’t keep living this way (what would my grandmother say if she found out??) This is a Goddam War! I hope my fellow fatties don’t hate me for wanting to leave. I want to be in shape for this summer. I want my 6 Pack back and I’m not talking miller here.

The Track, Sit-ups,Push-ups, Salad, healthy choice meals and Green Tea are going to be my new best friends for a few weeks….

then again, who the hell am I kidding? I’ll prolly be back eating double cheese burgers within a week. we’ll see.

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  1. Lee  October 22, 2006

    Dude – I didn’t even read this before reading part 2! And I will unfortunately put my hand up as a chub. Admitting it is half the battle – gymwork and new eating plan is my answer!

    Also I added your link on the website too – so cheers for your comment be sure to check out too!


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