and whats the point

people are always telling me / go the fuck away
stop running from your problems / what point are they trying to make
that shit pisses me off / who the fuck are you
you go the fuck away / you’ll be running from me
cause I’ll fucking kill you

the sky is clear / no rain in sight / looking up I pray
for things to be alright / the ground is black
grass has been burnt away / why had I done this
forest red in flames / the grey smoke now fills the sky
now I hold my head in shame / green leaves turn to ash
am I the one to blame / told myself a million times
burn it all and run away

but now I know / I’ll have to stand / on my own
hold my ground / I will take control

I’ll send you straight to hell / if you get in my fucking way
I didn’t start it / but I’ll end this fight
burning hotter now / flames are turning white
scream as loud as you can / drown out all other sounds
except for the people begging for their life

face has turned a dark blue / starring at the moon
pale orange glow on the ground / smell of burning flesh
it makes me sick / but I’ll laugh anyway
eyes reflect bright yellow / as hate slips away from me
and the life is drained away from you / you’re nothing
seconds later I’ll be nothing too
engulfed in flame / everything starts to fade

I asked for your help / but you pushed me away
felt like my heart was ripped out / Crimson blood covers everything
you could have saved me / so why didn’t you save me
I didn’t run this time / you ran from me
I must be your problem / and I hope I made my point


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