Air Force One tagged under full security. Video and Statement.

“Air Force One tagged by graffiti artist-entrepreneur Marc Ecko, founder of ecko unlimited. This was done at Andrews Air Force Base while under full security. I have no idea how he did this without getting shot.”

Watch the videos on the still free website.

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Update: turns out it didn’t really happen. Hidden from plain sight was a legal disclaimer stating it was a fake. I’ve lost respect for Marc Echo. To create a forgery is one thing. It was a good point and made me think about a few things….but to try and pass it off as a real event by “hiding” that fact under a legal discription that isn’t even on the same page as the video’s is pretty low.

Good job asshole, you’ve discredited your message by not openly admitting it was fictional. even though most people won’t bother digging much farther and discover the truth.


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