Aftermath (3)

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Jacob left the old warehouse and made his way back to the sector sixteen compound.

Sector sixteen was one of the remaining living areas that survived the war. There are rumors that say the great builders of the last era had planed to create fifty compounds, but only thirty-three were fully functional before the project was mysteriously abandoned, and now it was anyone’s guess how many remained. Each compound was built in a central point surrounded by the markets and externally built districts that combined formed the cities. The compounds are huge subterranean structures, Jacob had no idea how big they actually were, he had never ventured to the lowest levels but to put into perspective, his designated living area was located on level forty-six section eight sub-section nineteen door eighty-three. But he wasn’t going to his area, he was going to visit Jason and Teresa Bellfast.

“Pass code,” A deep angry voice said.

Jacob heard the wining sound of the plasma rifle charging. He didn’t see the guards hiding in the shadows but he knew that at that point no less than three weapons were aiming at him.

“One day the rise will come,” he replied instantly out of habit.


“Syre, Jake.”


“Returning to quarters.”


He walked forward past the threshold.

“Stop!” The guard said unexpectedly.

Jacob stopped in his tracks, had he taken one step farther, he would have been dead before his foot hit the floor. He stood there completely still for what seemed like forever. A bead a sweat formed on his brow and dripped slowly down his face.

“Syre, Jake, You have traces of blood on your person. If you fail to report to Biohazard containment center for clearance within one hour a warrant will be issued for your arrest and imitate destruction.”

He had no intentions of turning himself into the B.C.C. He just wanted to get to Jason, steal whatever supplies he needed, kill anyone who got in his way and finally get to the surface and on his way to Avalon. The guards primary duty was to keep the chaos and anarchy of the surface world kept outside of Sector Sixteen. Where as in the outside world was a no-mans land that one could search for and find life sustainment, in the form of food and valuables (the reason he left the sector to begin with), one might also find death. The Sectors on the other hand were strictly controlled by the ruling dictators and the guards worked for them to make sure they stayed in power. They did their jobs well.

“Speak,” the guard said.

He did not want to seem overly willing to comply, because a trip to B.C.C. could land someone in confinement for up to two weeks and if someone was seemingly to willing, it would certainly raise some red flags, but at the same time if the guards sensed any sign of non-compliance he was a dead man.

“I understand,” he said bleakly. Hopefully in just the right tone that gave the impression of disappointment.

The hidden guard said nothing for several more seconds as they scrutinized him. Finally a voice said, “Continue.”

Inside sector sixteen’s first level, old yellowed pictures of the past, lined the walls. In one, men in white coats seemed to be examining a screen. In another, a workman smiled as his team constructed one of the outside structures. He walked briskly past the meaningless remnants and entered the traveling device.

The synthesized womanly voice of the traveler greeted Jacob.

“Greetings and wel-wel-welcome to Sector Six-Six-Sixteen. What level please?”

“Level twenty-one.”

“Th-th-thank you.”

A moment later the doors spun open and he stepped out and began walking to the Belfast’s location.

He pressed the notification button and announced himself.

He heard the door’s several locking mechanisms disengage and open up. Teresa Bellfast stood in front of him.

“Jacob?” she asked, “By the blessed one, what are you doing here?”

Jacob had trouble looking into Teresa’s face. During the war she was caught in the gas cloud that decimated Sector Twelve. Most of the population was killed, and they were the lucky ones, because those who survived was left disfigured and scarred.

“I’ve came to see him.”

Jason, who was a Sector Sixteen Soldier was sent into Sector Twelve to finish off any survivors, but when he saw the young girl with the chemical burnt face he couldn’t bring himself to kill her. Instead he smuggled her back to his quarters and nursed her back to health. When she was well he purchased from the black market, the papers of a dead fifteen year old girl and Teresa assumed the identity. Year’s later they married.

“He’s Ill. You can not.”

Jason suffered from the fighters plague. It is a condition that all the surviving soldiers of Sector Sixteen have. It comes on slow but progressively gets worse, no one is sure what caused it, and there is no cure. A person with the plague may live 2 years. Jason was in stage two, commonly called the bloody cough. He seldom left the quarters, it was Teresa who took care of him as he did her during the war.

“Please, Teresa. I NEED to see him immediately.”

“There is no way–“

“A Marked Man, Teresa, I Killed one. They have my children.” He blurted out, cutting off her objections, “They want me to do something if I want to see them again.”

“No,” she said in disbelief.

“Let me see him. Now.”

Teresa lowered her head, he could see that tears were forming in her eyes. She stepped aside allowing Jacob entrance.

With out another word he pushed by her into the the Bellfast home.

“We don’t have long.”

“We?” she asked.

“Yes. You two are coming with me. We’re going to Avalon.”

Part four, next time I’m bored enough to write it.



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