Aftermath (2)

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Jacob wanted to run but his body was paralyzed. The four figures looked at each other and then one of them nodded and with out a word the other three walked forward, heading directly to the shriveled dead body.

From where he was hiding Jacob could not tell what the three were doing to the dead man, he watched the forth one who had simply turned his back and seemed to be scanning the area outside the warehouse, probably standing guard so the other three could work uninterrupted.

He turned his attention back to the other three who where standing in a half-circle around the corpse. One knelt down and Jacob heard a sound as paper were being ripped in half. Then that one stood back up and he saw that the mark was in it’s hand. The three, at the same time, took one step back, turned and walked toward the forth one who was still keeping watch at the front door.

Feeling as if it was safe enough to take his eyes off of the group he glanced back to the corpse. But by then, it no longer even resembled a man, or anything else for that matter. It was as if the thing was dipped in acid and it was quickly melting into a black tar.

Jacob forced himself to look away. The four were still there, only now they stood in the doorway and seemed to be staring directly at where Jacob was hiding. Again he had the impulse to run but still could not move.

As one, they took one step forward, and raised their hands, pointing in Jacobs direction. The charade was done, they had known all along that he was there. They did not move another step, they just stood there pointing at him. It was his move.

No other choice, he stood up and walked out of the shadows. He prayed to the blessed one. He was terrified but refused to show it.

The four, lowered their hands, but did not speak or move forward.

So what happens now, Jacob thought.

They watched him.

“I’m sorry,” he croaked, “If I had known he was… one of you, I would have left him alone. I did not mean to kill him, I was afraid.” He did not plan to speak but it was out before he could stop himself.

The four, as one, turned on their heel and faced outside again. Jacob could hear more footsteps from outside. Then two smaller figures appeared in the door way. The four turned back to face Jacob. The two newcomers stepped from behind them, into the dim light.

“No!” Jacob screamed and stated running forward. The four held up their hands telling him to stop. He ignored them and ran at them.

“Father Please!” his daughter screamed.

“Get away from them! leave my children be!”

Twenty feet from his children, Jacob fell to the ground screaming. He felt as if his skull was being crushed.

“Don’t hurt him!” his son yelled. “Don’t fight them father,” his daughter said.

The pain stopped, he forced himself to stand again.

“Do to me what you will, but my children are not guilty. I killed him, please let them go.”

As one, they shook their head no.

“What do you want!” he screamed.

They looked to his son and he looked back at them and nodded once.

“Father, they have not harmed us. They say that we must go with them and that there is something you need to do before we come home,” his son said.

“This can’t be happening.”

“It is,” his daughter said.

“Why me, why do you need me to do anything for you.”

“They say what must be done, they can not do. They say that they have been watching you father,” His son said.

“We must go with them father,” his daughter said.

“No. You stay with me.”

“They say, we must go with them, because what must be done is dangerous,” his son said.


“They say that they will not harm us. We would all be dead if that is what they wanted,” his daughter said.

“I don’t know what you things are,” Jacob said directly to the four, “if you harm my children, I will do everything in my power to see you burn.”

The four nodded.

“They say, that they are not the enemy father,” his daughter said

“They say, that you will know the enemy when you see them,” his son said.

And as one his children spoke, “They say, you must find the Eight Pillars and unlock their secret.”

“The eight pillars… “

As one, “they say, if you succeed, the truth shall set the world free.”


“We love you father.” his daughter said.

“Good luck father,” his son said.

The four lifted their right and waved it. Exhaustion overcame Jacob and he fell to his knees.

“I love you too…”

And with that, he was asleep.

When he awoke, his children and the four were gone.

“The Eight Pillars.”

There was a legend, the eight pillars held up the heavens, and in the end times the pillars would fall and the great secret would be know. It was a child’s tale, yes, but the pillars did exist. Jacob had seen one when he was a child.

It was located in the heart of Avalon. The great capitol. But that was a long time ago, before the plague, and before the wars. People say that Avalon is consumed by the darkness. A city of dead. No one comes from there, and no one comes back who travels to there.

Jacob has no choice. He got to his feet. There was a lot he needed to do. If there was any chance that he would ever be able to see his children again, he would need help, and weapons, lots and lots of weapons.

There was only two people he knew who would be crazy enough to go with him to Avalon…

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