This morning 9rules opened up it’s 5th round of submissions – now closed. One of great things about 9rules is that you can only submit your site during these, few and far between, 24 hour membership rounds. Only a small number of sites are actually accepted from each round, so you know the content in their network is worth reading.

For those not familiar with the 9Rules philosophy:

9rules is a community of the best weblogs in the world on a variety of topics. We started 9rules to give passionate writers more exposure and to help readers find great blogs on their favorite subjects. It’s difficult to find sites worth returning to, so 9rules brings together the very best of the independent web all under one roof.

1. Love what you do.
2. Never stop learning.
3. Form works with function.
4. Simple is beautiful.
5. Work hard, play hard.
6. You get what you pay for.
7. When you talk, we listen.
8. Must constantly improve.
9. Respect your inspiration.

Like everyone else who will submit today, I can only hope to secure a spot in their network. I’m not that great of a blogger. But If you were to go back to the beginning and follow my progress from then until now, you will see I have followed the 9 rules, even if Stealth Fiction isn’t approved, I will continue to follow and support those 9 rules. That I promise you.

Good luck to everyone who submits.



  1. Zach  October 25, 2006

    Hey, you might want to check your spelling really quick before they check out your site. It’s “24 hour membership rounds” and it’s “accepted” not “excepted.”

    Good luck.

  2. Kris  October 25, 2006

    Rule 10: check spelling before hitting the submit button.

    Thanks for the corrections.


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