7 reasons why you will digg this.

Here’s 7 reasons why you will digg this article to the front page.

1. I Feel the same.

I currently like: Apple, Linux, Google, Firefox, Youtube, Web 2.0, Firefly/Serenity, Lost, Family guy, Dane Cook, Colbert, Xbox360, Nintindo Wii, Revision3, and of course Digg.

I currently dislike: Microsoft, Myspace, Bush administration, N.Korea, Fox News, Playstation3

I say ‘currently’ because, like most digg users, I can’t remember what I liked and disliked the month before last.

2. This title is awesome.

There’s a good chance that this post will get dugg by people who only read the title and the short description. They were to busy with other things at the time and they planned to come back to it later, but most don’t.

3. Short lists are great.

This post is in list form. Digger’s love Lists. I was reading something, somewhere, about how digg users attention spans are short, but it wasn’t formatted in a list and I got bored so I didn’t finish reading it.

4. This is a wordpress blog:

I love digg mirror. love it so much in fact, I choose to use wordpress in the hopes that when a story on this site does reach digg’s front page, wordpress, for reasons I don’t quite understand and never bothered to find out, will stop working. So you’re going to have to go back to digg, check out the comments and find the link that someone might have posted to the Diggmirror version to actually read the article.

5. There’s even a tutorial

Digg users love digging posts about tutorials. I even included links to the best tutorials ever!

6. This post has a funny Video.

Digg users love funny videos, so I’ve included one for your viewing pleasure.


7. A Link back to Digg.

This post could even includes a nifty little digg badge, displaying the current numbers of diggs. Unfortunately I couldn’t figgure out how to do that so you’ll just have to settle for a Digg button.

If you found the humor in this article, send me a digg with the link below, otherwise, comment about how bad this article was and digg it for being so bad.




  1. centor braston  October 10, 2006

    kris my friend, inherently weak attempt at catagorizing a diverse group of readers. Allow me to elaborate:
    1.1. I don’t think you do. i’ve never found dane cook the slighest bit humorous, view ipods as a scam, have never even digged an article on here.

    man, these suck hard…: Microsoft, Myspace, Bush administration, N.Korea, Playstation3…can you differentiate between cnn.com?

    2. This title is awesome. no it’s not and that’s far from subjective…do i see face-melting robot scientists from the future in the title, go fix me some breakfast kid.

    3. pffft. I love nothing more than killing a morning sifting through 1000 page dissertations instead of bulleted points conveying the same message.

    4. tough life, dude. scrolling down is the worst.

    5. learning a skill should be banned.

    6. maybe dane cook is funny

  2. Wilson  November 29, 2006

    Does any one know how digg does those google ads so they are just one large one at the top?
    Jump on to any digg article to see what i mean (cant post links yet)


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