5: Bikes and Balls

Mindset: Slightly Less Hungry. Sore.

Weight: 233 (Target is 185) (Lost 5 Pound Since Start)

Diet: Still lots of water each day. I drink a tall glass when I wake up, another when I leave for work. EAS shakes have been my breakfast and I’ll eat a quick pickle or something just to break up the monotony of the taste. Lunch is still usually a health bar. I kind of like the Met RX Big 100 Colossal. They actually taste O.K. I have a bag of trail mix handy for when I start to get hungry. But I’m still struggling to figure out dinner because my schedule, I take my official lunch at about 6 PM, which means Dinner is usually around 10-11 when I get off, but unless I could cook something at home before work, or at least prep it, I wouldn’t be able to eat until much later. So I gotta fix that. Last Night I cracked and went to Arby’s But I somehow managed to turn down the awesome looking Roast beef and went with a salad. I even managed to opt for grilled instead of crispy chicken. It was pretty good. Under 600 Calories. I might opt for that tonight as well.

Workout: On average and at a minimum I’m doing 25 Sit ups. (busted out 35 this morning). 10 push ups, 50 jumping jacks in the morning now + I added 25 push ups and 10 sit ups to my routine at night before bed. Still nowhere close to P90-X ready, without risk of serious injury. At the Gym daily I either run until I hurt or 30 minutes on the bike now, plus some upper body stuff, or sauna. I’ll get into a set schedule soon I think and I’ll detail it here. More details on that soon.

Set-up: None really, more like build up. I want to progress fast but I know if i try to go up too soon, I’ll burn out.

Thoughts: Here’s a thought for the day… If running or biking, wear snug underwear or else your balls will be sore all hell. Trust me, I won’t make that mistake again.


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