0: Time To Get My Ass In Shape

Mindset: Scared. Ready.

Weight: 238 (Target is 185)

Diet: Today I had 1 larger glass of water in the morning and a blueberry nutrigrain bar. Ate 1 single strawberry too. Lunch was a mess when I ordered a large ham sub with mayo, and boardwalk style fries. Later we stopped at subway where I opted out of ordering because I still felt bad about the large horrible lunch. Instead I waited until my wife and son was finished and I ate a few bites of her Italian and 1 extra small slice of his personal pizza. Diet coke to drink. At home I reminded myself to drink down another large glass or water. Took a Flintstones vitamin. I’ll have another nutrition bar as a snack and a large glass of water with a scoop of creatine.

Workout: 25 Sit ups, 8 push ups, 50 jumping jacks.

Set-up: The main goal is to complete the P90-X 90 day workout but I don’t think I’m really ready to get into that yet, but it’s been downloaded, and I’ve been getting all the pre-work done to do it. So today I purchased a 3-in-1 workout kit, that has a pull-up/sit-up bar, rotating push up grips, and the arm straps for the bar. Also purchased, a ton of EAS bars and drinks, some Slim-fast drinks, a few protein bars i haven’t tried before. Some Flintstones vitamins (what can i say i like the chewable ones), A jug of creatine, which I’ve never tried before. I Still need some dumb-bells and to go food shopping as I can’t live off of diet bars.

Thoughts: Ah, the first post. I don’t know what to say so I’ll just go with some honesty. I’m a total fat bastard now. It’s not that I eat a lot, in fact I don’t eat much at all, but right now I only really eat one big meal and then snack here and there throughout the day. Also, I work a desk job now and I don’t have much of a chance to get active at work.

I’m heavier than I ever have been before. Just to put this in perspective, I once purchased a few pairs of ‘fat jeans’ because my normal clothes started to be a bit tight. I had planned to workout, but this plan to workout turned into a plan to eat at a fast food place 3-4 times a week instead and now those fat jean I purchased, well they don’t fit anymore either.

I’m not much of a planner, I’m usually spontaneous and just do things as i think of them. Things such as remembering to eat breakfast when I’m not hungry is hard for me. I’d rush out the door and then 2 hours latter it would hit me then. Which meant another trip to the drive through or a stop at a sub shop. I know I need to change that, and it’s going to be a huge challenge.

I can take a bit of comfort in knowing that I’ve been able to do this sort of intensive crash course in the past. When I went to basic training, I wasn’t exactly the picture-perfect male body, rather, I was more like the a cross between Al Bundy and the Pillsbury Dough-Boy. Fast forward 2 years later, I noticed the beer gut was a bit larger than I would like so I crashed a diet and went through hell on earth learning how to run again. (Some of those posts are probably still here on the blog but there’s no need to dig em up.) Of course once I was back to ‘normal’ I quickly gave up on the daily workouts and over the next few months went back to daily donuts. Hell – it will be but still, I’m completely capable of doing this.

Why the blog posts? To be honest they keep me motivated. My ego is healthy enough to trick myself into thinking people will actually read this. So because I don’t want to let down my imaginary readers, I’ll keep posting. The plan is to post daily mindset, weight, diet, workout routines, and thought. Also, I’ll try to post weekly pictures starting tomorrow.

That’s it for now.



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